Polished concrete options

We offer the following Polished concrete options-

Platinum is the best of the best, smooth even and durable with high gloss. By repeatedly grinding and polishing the floor you get a smoother more even floor with more aggregate exposure. The result is an unbeatable durable floor. Platinum is the most popular surface finish and is a good choice for most applications. An example of Platinum finish is Stormriders in Horton St Port Macquarie.

High gloss and shallow grinding depth. Gold entails that the floor is not ground as deep as with platinum. However the floor is polished to the same gloss. Gold can be a good choice for concrete floors that are already smooth and even. We have recently completed a gold finish floor at the Land Sale office in Sovereign Hills Estate Port Macquarie

Silver is the less glossy variant of platinum with a matte finish. To achieve a silver finish the same grinding depth as platinum is required, however the polishing steps are fewer. This provides a matte but strong floor. As part of the recent Port Macquarie Airport upgrade we completed a silver finish on the internal areas of the airport terminal.

The bronze floor is a smooth matte surface. This option has lower durability with no exposed aggregate. To achieve a bronze floor the upper layer is finely honed. This is the simplest floor with somewhat lower resistance to wear and best for applications with limited traffic.

The custom floor

Besides the above options you can also have a custom finish that matches your specific preference for aggregate and gloss.

Honed concrete is used to produce an even and textured flat finish. Honed concrete offers a great flooring solution to your concrete in outdoor areas. This option is hard wearing and great for alfresco areas, pool surrounds, driveways and footpaths. The town square and external areas of the Port Macquarie airport are examples of a honed finish.

Cut and Seal
The cut and seal option is a method of grinding concrete floor to the desired aggregate exposure. Then a clear water based top coat is applied. This is a much cheaper option than a mechanically polished floor however still has many benefits and is very low maintenance.


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